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Watch Rules of the Game

Watch Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game

Dance on Camera 2014: K-12 • 8m 25s

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  • Healah Dancing

    Eve Mcconnachie, Scotland, 2013; 5m

    A study in motion as two Scottish Ballet dancers connect and disconnect. Erik Cavallari and Eve Mutso are the intense couple performing a duet of sensuous contact and electric fury.

  • Je Ne Sais Plus Qui A Fait Quoi

    Antoine Renouard, France, 2013; 9m

    This intense movement piece with its seemingly unrelated, disparate characters, all expressing a different state of being, grows more compelling in its arc, reflecting both the absurdity and the necessity of attempted unity in a time of global disorder.

  • Tap Tap Tap

    Kenneth Sherman, Canada, 2013; 8m

    A dance parody of the infamous Republican Senator Larry Craig's airport washroom sex scandal styled as a 1930's Busby Berkeley film.