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Watch Widow

Up Next in Dance on Camera 2014: K-12

  • Meet the Artists: Jonathan Demme and ...

    Director Jonathan Demme and choreographer Annie-B Parson joined Dance on Camera for the recurring Meet the Artist series, a program which provides audiences a dynamic opportunity to learn from a filmmaker’s expertise with a particular focus on the influence and inclusion of dance film within the ...

  • Dance in 3D

    This panel discussion further explores capturing dance in 3D by bringing together top industry professionals to discuss why dance and 3D cinema were made for each other.

    Liz Wolff- Co-Curator, Dance on Camera
    Christy Park- Executive Director, Dance Films Association


  • Sebastian Rich: Bullets to Ballet

    After thirty years of filming and photographing the world’s most violent wars and conflicts, award-winning British photographer Sebastian Rich is turning his lens to something more beautiful but no less powerful – the world of dance.

    Liz Wolff- Dance on Camera, Co-Curator