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Watch Substance: Moloko

Watch Substance: Moloko

Substance: Moloko

Dance on Camera 2013: K-12 • 17m

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  • The Next Step Is

    Victoria Sendra, USA, 2012; 5mins

    The Next Step Is explores Einstein’s theory of relativity and its dimensions and ramifications.

  • Wild Like Kylie

    Bhenjamin Ra, Australia, 2012; 3mins

    On a small property in rural Australia, a woman grieves for her departed daughter through the ancient and spiritual practice of pottery making.

  • Commercial and Art

    Examining dance film beyond the movie theater screen, Dance on Camera explores dance films in both commercial and artistic contexts with filmmaker and choreographer Celia Rowlson-Hall and conceptual video artist Brian Gonzalez.

    Brighid Greene- Communications Associate, Dance Films A...