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Watch Dervishes

Up Next in Dance on Camera 2014: Higher Education

  • Homegoings: A Dance

    Christine Turner, USA, 2013; 5m

    Inspired by the award-winning documentary Homegoings, this original dance piece finds meaning and beauty in the life cycle.

  • No More Worry, No More Blue

    Kathy Rose, USA, 2013, 4m

    Kathy Rose makes magic with her hand-made art. In this music video, she offers various visual interpretations of a poetic ballad by Greg Boyer. Here, images of water scenes, paper flying, mysterious figures in a surreal fantasy all combine to create a special univers...

  • Widow

    Jil Guyon, USA, 2013; 12m

    Features an iconic, enigmatic woman encapsulated in a stark, futuristic environment. Gradually she reveals the evolving mystery of her psychological condition, a shifting tableau of personal loss and the struggle for transcendence.