Dance on Camera 2014: Higher Education

Dance on Camera 2014: Higher Education

For Higher Education Use!
From January 31- February 4, 2014, Dance on Camera returned to the Film Society for its 18th consecutive year. This package includes 5 vibrant panel discussions and selected 8 short films presenting the work of filmmakers based in the United States, Scotland, Canada, and France.

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Dance on Camera 2014: Higher Education
  • Rules of the Game

    Jeff & Rick Kuperman, USA, 2013; 9m

    Trust between four factory workers is severely tested when management turns a watchful eye on them.

  • Healah Dancing

    Eve Mcconnachie, Scotland, 2013; 5m

    A study in motion as two Scottish Ballet dancers connect and disconnect. Erik Cavallari and Eve Mutso are the intense couple performing a duet of sensuous contact and electric fury.

  • Je Ne Sais Plus Qui A Fait Quoi

    Antoine Renouard, France, 2013; 9m

    This intense movement piece with its seemingly unrelated, disparate characters, all expressing a different state of being, grows more compelling in its arc, reflecting both the absurdity and the necessity of attempted unity in a time of global disorder.

  • Tap Tap Tap

    Kenneth Sherman, Canada, 2013; 8m

    A dance parody of the infamous Republican Senator Larry Craig's airport washroom sex scandal styled as a 1930's Busby Berkeley film.

  • Dervishes

    RJ Muna, USA, 2013; 4m

    A perfectly calibrated study of movement and physical architecture based on the characteristics of circular movement.

  • Homegoings: A Dance

    Christine Turner, USA, 2013; 5m

    Inspired by the award-winning documentary Homegoings, this original dance piece finds meaning and beauty in the life cycle.

  • No More Worry, No More Blue

    Kathy Rose, USA, 2013, 4m

    Kathy Rose makes magic with her hand-made art. In this music video, she offers various visual interpretations of a poetic ballad by Greg Boyer. Here, images of water scenes, paper flying, mysterious figures in a surreal fantasy all combine to create a special univers...

  • Widow

    Jil Guyon, USA, 2013; 12m

    Features an iconic, enigmatic woman encapsulated in a stark, futuristic environment. Gradually she reveals the evolving mystery of her psychological condition, a shifting tableau of personal loss and the struggle for transcendence.

  • Meet the Artists: Jonathan Demme and Annie-B Parson

    Director Jonathan Demme and choreographer Annie-B Parson joined Dance on Camera for the recurring Meet the Artist series, a program which provides audiences a dynamic opportunity to learn from a filmmaker’s expertise with a particular focus on the influence and inclusion of dance film within the ...

  • Dance in 3D

    This panel discussion further explores capturing dance in 3D by bringing together top industry professionals to discuss why dance and 3D cinema were made for each other.

    Liz Wolff- Co-Curator, Dance on Camera
    Christy Park- Executive Director, Dance Films Association


  • Sebastian Rich: Bullets to Ballet

    After thirty years of filming and photographing the world’s most violent wars and conflicts, award-winning British photographer Sebastian Rich is turning his lens to something more beautiful but no less powerful – the world of dance.

    Liz Wolff- Dance on Camera, Co-Curator


  • Curriculum for Dance Film

    This roundtable discussion explores the incorporation of dance and film in higher education curriculum in an academic setting where dance and film already exist independently.

    Liz Wolff- Co-Curator, Dance on Camera
    Christy Park- Executive Director, Dance Films Association


  • Capturing Motion NYC 2014

    For a third year, DFA invited high school students throughout the five boroughs to submit dance films between 1-5 minutes in length for Capturing Motion NYC, a student film competition. This panel includes a panel discussion about the student’s processes and the winning student film which screene...

  • Dance on Camera Trailer 2014

    You may use this trailer for promotional purposes for your event.

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