Dance on Camera 2015: K-12

Dance on Camera 2015: K-12

For K-12 Use!
From January 30 - February 3, 2015, Dance on Camera returned to the Film Society for its 19th consecutive year.

The eight selected short films for 2015 present the work of filmmakers from Denmark, Canada, Israel, and the United States, ranging from expressive narratives to experimental short films. Also included in the tour are five illuminating panel discussions with filmmakers and contributors. In addition, you will receive film stills and other promotional material for your own use.

Dance on Camera 2015: K-12
  • Vanishing Points Trailer

    You may use this trailer for the short film, Vanishing Points, for promotional purposes for your event.

  • Washed Trailer

    You may use this trailer from Washed for promotional purposes for your event.

  • Det Skal Danses Vaek Trailer

    You may use this trailer from Det Skal Danses Vaek for promotional purposes for your event.

  • Washed

    A recounting of violent event through the integration of narrative film and dance: A female laundry worker desperately attempts to abort the fruit of a violent encounter. When the consequences of her action are reveled, the memories she has repressed re-emerge.

  • Det Skal Danses Vaek

    A boy walks through his school seeing visions of his classmates start dancing in hallways, staircases, under the tables, and in the restrooms and eventually gets smitten by their joy of dance.

  • Escualo

    A powerful new piece from the Lombard Twins, a “Dance Scene” set to music by Astor Piazzolla.

  • A Juice Box Afternoon

    This is the first in a new series Lily conceived as The Paperback Movie Project. Each short film is an interpretation of a novel and explores the fluid relationship between a reader and the characters she is reading. A JUICE BOX AFTERNOON tells the story of Anne Morrow Lindbergh through her own w...

  • Well Contested Sites

    Well Contested Sites is a 13- minute dance/theater film that explores the issue of mass incarceration and the complexity of experiences faced by those who are incarcerated in jails/prisons. The film is collaboration between Bay Area performing artists, some of who were previously incarcerated, fi...

  • Vanishing Points

    Like two molecules unknowingly affecting each other in space and briefly crossing paths, conceptual hip-hop dancers collide and share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity on the streets of Montreal.

  • Ghost line

    "Ghost line" is an experimental dance film by filmmaker Shona Masarin and choreographer/performer, Cori Olinghouse. Together they merge the rhythmic and comedic timings of silent film and Vaudeville with the absurdist impulses of Dada and Surrealism, in a kinetic spectacle of light and shadow.

  • All That Jazz Panel

    “It’s showtime, folks!” That’s the refrain of anxiety-ridden and unhealthfully driven choreographer Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider) at the center of Fosse’s semi-autobiographical musical extravaganza, also featuring star turns by Ann Reinking, Ben Vereen, and Jessica Lange. Scheider is never less than ...

  • Shorts Program Panel

    A quick panel discussion with some of the filmmakers featured in the Shorts Program.

  • Stella & Tom

    Stella & Tom features two of American Ballet Theatre’s finest dancers - Stella Abrera and Tom Forster - in a specially choreographed dance on film.

  • Filmmaker Services Panel

    Invited organizations dedicated to providing filmmaker services, including Fractured Atlas, AbelCine, DCTV, and VHX, will join Dance on Camera to engage in a lively discussion focused on getting a film made—sharing tactics from pre-production to distribution, and all the important steps in between.

  • Capturing Motion NYC 2015

    For a third year, DFA invited high school students throughout the five boroughs to submit dance films between 1-5 minutes in length for Capturing Motion NYC, a student film competition. This panel includes a panel discussion about the student’s processes and the winning student film which screene...

  • Ghost line Panel

    A program that features the world premiere of Shona Masarin and Cori Olinghouse’s new experimental dance short Ghost Line (USA, 2013, DCP, 15m), which merges the rhythmic and comedic timings of silent film and vaudeville with the absurdist impulses of Dada and Surrealism in a kinetic spectacle of...

  • Dance on Camera Trailer 2015

    You may use this trailer for promotional purposes for your event.